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                        During an AC Service, old refrigerant is completely removed from the vehicle. As it is illegal to release any refrigerant into the atmosphere, all refrigerant is collected in a recovery cylinder. A new Reciver Drier (Filter) is then fitted to the AC System. The system is then put in a deep vacuum. This removes any air or moisture that may be in your system.
                        A measured amount of Refrigerant is then filled into the AC system as well as oil and dye for leak inspections. The AC system is then completely inspected for leaks using a UV light and a digital refrigerant detector.
                        In a Retrofit all the R12 refrigerant is removed from the AC system. The system is then modified to suit R134A. We then perform a full AC system service.
                We perform a complete inspection of your car air conditioning system. If we find the system is low, we then remove all the gas, put the system in a vacuum then regas. We perform all car air conditioning regas Brisbane region. A re-gas is only recomemed if the ac system is regulary serviced.
                We have close to ten years experience in the auto electrical business. We conduct all auto electrical maintenance, repairs and diagnosis.

AUSTRALIAN REFRIGERATION COUNCIL               :        http://www.arctick.org/index.php 
     STARTLOCAL                                                                      :       http://www.startlocal.com.au

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                    We conduct a full inspection of your car air conditioning system. If there is already a problem with the car's a/c then we conducte a thorough car air conditioning troubleshooting. Even though we are a Mobile Car Air Conditioning Brisbane business, We travel to most area's. Some area's may incur a call out fee if outside our free service area